Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A blog post, really?!

     Ahem. Yes I have been completely and inexcusably remiss in posting. However, you might be excited to note that I am attempting something totally new for me: video blogging! Huzzah! It's kind of silly, but fun (at least I think so). It's a little long just because I like to ramble a lot, and also I haven't blogged in so damn long that it doesn't seem entirely implausible that I gave up the project altogether/died/develped a mystery illness which prevented my blogging. So, yes, I might be back now. If you watch the video, you should let me know what you think i.e. is video blogging equal to, superior, or seriously subpar as compared to written blogs.

And so, with no further ado, here is the video:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I don't know how much of a lasting change this will be, but I am feeling so much better about everything! It may well be that my workload is dropping off because of Thanksgiving break, or it may be that some really good progress has been made in some of my classes. OR, it could be that Alison Piepmeier likes me! My Western Civ professor likes me too! He even gave me a 100 on my research paper! Or it could be that everything seems to be under control! Probably all of these things are contributing to my relief from this semester's drudgery. Next semester is going to be so awesome, too! Even if I do have to take the second half of Western Civ, I am taking classes that seem genuinely interesting to me. No more brain stuff (tectopulvinar pathway) or ancient philosophy (damn you, stellar parallax)! I just have to make it through exams, and then I am on to better and more brilliant fields. No, not the Elysian fields. I now have my own stack of books to get through that sound fabulously fascinating and will teach me so much about feminist disability studies. And I get to learn under the expert tutelage of Alison! Well, hopefully at least. I won't know for sure about the SURF grant until the end of March, but I will be sure to post about it. The research book stack is something that I see lots of my brilliant friends making use of, and I have always been quite the jealous little bee. I just haven't had a class yet that requires me to even use my brain and my skills together to craft a paper about feminist issues that requires a book stack. But now I do!

Although I am posting this now, I do realize that I will probably be eating my words once finals roll around and I am totally and completely bonkers. Oh well. It will all be over soon.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How many plagues were there?

First there were roaches. Now there are scabies - maybe-infested couches. I am kind of afraid to ask what comes next. As I type that, I'm thinking: the flu.

Is it possible that I have summoned a season of plagues? Or maybe the office has lost its good luck charm. Poor thing is having a rough time.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Subpar Clones

Oh, buddy. So, Alison Piep. just emailed me an old draft of a SURF grant application so that I could take a look. Of course she sends me the one that she worked on with a student who apparently looks very similar to me (I have been told this repeatedly by several people). Oh, and of course that student's transcript was included: 4.0 GPA. President of this, that, and the other. Honors student. Presented at SEWSA. Generally agreed to be brilliant.

So, this lady pretty much has me beat on most fronts. She even has better hair. I don't want to be compared to that; I can't measure up! I think this is what performance anxiety must feel like.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mental Health vs. Resume Building

One of the reasons that I have been avoiding posting new blogs is because I am trying to avoid this becoming yet another outlet for whining. Sometimes, whining is all I feel like doing on any given day. Anyway, so much stuff has been happening, so here is a medium-short list:
  1. Alison Piep. and I are applying for a SURF grant this summer to work on her next book. When she asked me, not only did I emit a certain freaky glow and squeal of excitement, but I also wanted to ask her - "Wait a minutes, are you really sure you want to work with me?" I know that I can play the grade game at school; I can be successful without really learning and utilizing the kinds of analyzation  that are actually important skills for later in life. But, am I smart enough to work on and contribute to Alison's work? Who wants to disappoint their own hero? Not me. I have been assured that everything will be fine, but some doubts are more persistent than others.
  2.  I have decided to study abroad during the fall semester of my junior year. In South Africa. Because of their semesters, I'll be leaving in early July, and not returning until the semester ends in November. I found a school with a really cool gender studies program, but also a very interesting history. The University of the Western Cape was built during apartheid for people of color as a tech school. Apparently, the social stratification put in place years ago is still there, and the university has a lot of students who are poor Black Africans. Oh, and did I mention that I would be away from Ashley for SIX MONTHS?
  3. I feel routinely stressed out by this semester. I will almost certainly be making three A-. The work load is so crazy; every time I make a dent in it, it cycles over and the process begins all over again. My weekends are dedicated to cooking and cleaning followed by hours and hours of homework. What else am I supposed to do? My minimum effort takes all of my time and leaves me feeling emotionally exhausted and stressed. I really can't wait for this semester to be over. It doesn't feel good to devote all my energy to school, and have no social life. How exactly should I meet someone if I'm never anywhere except work or my dorm? I think I need to figure out a better balance in my priorities because this is just not working for me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sophomore Year

Honors Western Civilization is awful. All of you people who told me I would be fine lied. Lies! I have officially cried over Western Civ as of last Friday. I will try to keep status posts coming, but don't expect much people.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Moving in, Getting Settled

I moved in on Friday, in the pouring down rain. That was fun. It wasn't as horrible as the flannel treadmill  bed dream, but still. Also, the rooms were filthy! Everything was really dirty and I mopped for quite a while with my non-toxic all purpose cleaner. Also, there have been no confirmed roach sightings, but . . . I have killed three other bugs in the last 12 hours (Go, me!). And, I'm afraid there was a roach in the kitchen this morning, but it scurried away to fast to really see (ie superfast), and it was pretty small for a roach. Here's to hoping it wasn't.

Even though I am waging a bug war, I'm really happy to be back in Charleston. And, of course am very excited for classes tomorrow. Did I mention that I don' have a roommate? Did I mention how fabulous it is? Lucky, lucky, me; I call this karma. Anyways. I went to the farmer's market and cooked! YAY! I STARTED A NEW JOINT BLOG (with ashley and hannah)! You should check it out; it links from my profile page. It's called the Dorm Foodie, and is all about food prep in a dorm with lots of cool pictures! Fun times.

Hopefully there will be more posts that are not incredibly rambly in the future. Can't promise that, but I can try.