Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dear (online blog style) Diary...

When I was little, I thought diaries were the coolest things ever. I had a plethora of puppies and Lisa Frank and voice activated, password encrypted secret keepers, none of which I ever actually used. The most I could ever bring myself to fill were the first few pages.

Most of my entries from a second grade diary recently (ish) rescued from the attic says things like, "Today was really great. I had alot of fun. I learned new things at school. My brother is a brat." While these entries are hilarious to me today, I never wrote more because I didn't feel like I had anything interesting to say. I don't think that I ever felt very interesting - which is silly.

So here goes. Today I bought a MoonCup; it's an enviromentally friendly "feminine hygiene product." I like that it's made by a woman, and that it's really cheaper than buying boxes and boxes of tampons. Plus, I've been reading Cunt by inga muscio, and well, I guess I was inspired to find a "cuntlovin'" product. Also, my school just finished putting on the 2010 Vagina Monologues. Something about the Angry Vagina's distaste for "wads of dry fucking cotton" just seemed to stick. I'm excited to test it out; several of my friends are interested in the verdict.

My second grade self would be bowled over that I just wrote a diary entry and put it somewhere everyone can see. She would also be mortified by all the period talk, and bad language, and frankness. I'm kinda glad that I ditched the chronic shyness awhile ago.

Ok, so I haven't figured out this link business yet, but here's the website: