Monday, June 28, 2010

The Crash Pad

Let's talk about porn. Or, at least, let me tell you about the porn that I bought and watched recently. I bought The Crash Pad Season 1 from Babeland because it was on sale and queer and came highly recommended by Sugarbutch Chronicles. It was fabulous. Really. The first two scenes were amazing. Dylan Ryan and Trucker Cash are actually partners in real life, so their interactions were really hot, but also super duper sweet. Like, in the outtake Trucker kissed Dylan's knee, and I just about keeled over from the GAH - hot moment. And not to mention all the others who were gigglers, ticklers, and/or squirters and all around adorably kinky. I loved this film a lot.

 But, real quick, let me hash out my feelings about porn. Here's what I think: most porn is awful. These are women (mostly, but men also) who come from some kind of background where they are currently being/have been oppressed in some way e.g. mentally (past/current abuse, maybe addictions-drugs?), physically (unwilling girls/women, rape???), or socially (poverty, family history, etc.). I know that there are plenty of people who these generalizations are not at all true. I absolutely believe that people can love to make porn and be good partners and parents and members of society. But, mainstream stuff by and large? I feel like I  cannot trust the industry to use only workers who are truly giving consent. And, also, I feel terrible that some people who make porn do it for the money, out of desperation because they've gotta pay up rent next week/feed their kid/ pay bills, whatever. I feel like that situation becomes more about exploitation of people in poverty than any kind of statement on empowering sexuality.

I can't enjoy watching something where I feel like I need to constantly analyze the actors' motives; Does she like that? Is she enjoying this? I bought The Crash Pad because this is queer feminist porn. I trust that these people wanted to do this film, and are enjoying themselves. And let me tell you, it makes a big difference to know that I am watching real consent, real sex, real (hopefully happy) people, and real orgasms.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where the number of posts = my age.

Hi, all. Thanks for all the support and love from last post. I had forgotten how living with my bi-polar mother is a constant balancing act. Anyways. Here are some lists for general enjoyment.

Books I've Been Reading:
1. The Fat Studies Reader, Esther Rothblum and Sondra Solovay
2. Like Me, Chely Wright
3. Out Law, Lisa Keen
4. Half the Sky, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

TV I've Caught Up On:
1. The Vicar of Dibley
2. 30 Rock
3. Skins
4. Arrested Development

Awesome Bands Touring This Summer Close (ish) to me:
1. Tegan & Sara
2. Mirah
3. Arcade Fire

And, in closing, I feel like adding that my trip to the Ob-gyn was very nice. I like my doctor, a sensible lady who agreed that I might have PCOS= polycystic ovarian syndrome. A doctor at CofC referred me there because she thought I was fat and hairy with abnormal periods, and that this, indeed, was problematic. So I looked PCOS up, and thought, well, ok. Maybe I could have this. So I went to the Ob-gyn and got checked out and had blood drawn to check things like glucose and insulin and follicle stimulating hormone and all that jazz. And guess what? Everything came back totally normal. Nothing is wrong with me! I am perfect all on my own, as much as my fat and hair and 40-50 day period cycle might upset some health professionals. So there!