Monday, August 23, 2010

Moving in, Getting Settled

I moved in on Friday, in the pouring down rain. That was fun. It wasn't as horrible as the flannel treadmill  bed dream, but still. Also, the rooms were filthy! Everything was really dirty and I mopped for quite a while with my non-toxic all purpose cleaner. Also, there have been no confirmed roach sightings, but . . . I have killed three other bugs in the last 12 hours (Go, me!). And, I'm afraid there was a roach in the kitchen this morning, but it scurried away to fast to really see (ie superfast), and it was pretty small for a roach. Here's to hoping it wasn't.

Even though I am waging a bug war, I'm really happy to be back in Charleston. And, of course am very excited for classes tomorrow. Did I mention that I don' have a roommate? Did I mention how fabulous it is? Lucky, lucky, me; I call this karma. Anyways. I went to the farmer's market and cooked! YAY! I STARTED A NEW JOINT BLOG (with ashley and hannah)! You should check it out; it links from my profile page. It's called the Dorm Foodie, and is all about food prep in a dorm with lots of cool pictures! Fun times.

Hopefully there will be more posts that are not incredibly rambly in the future. Can't promise that, but I can try.

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