Thursday, October 28, 2010

Subpar Clones

Oh, buddy. So, Alison Piep. just emailed me an old draft of a SURF grant application so that I could take a look. Of course she sends me the one that she worked on with a student who apparently looks very similar to me (I have been told this repeatedly by several people). Oh, and of course that student's transcript was included: 4.0 GPA. President of this, that, and the other. Honors student. Presented at SEWSA. Generally agreed to be brilliant.

So, this lady pretty much has me beat on most fronts. She even has better hair. I don't want to be compared to that; I can't measure up! I think this is what performance anxiety must feel like.


  1. would this person, perhaps be taylor?

  2. Ah, now I've found your blog and can publicly say that you have nothing to worry about. A few years from now you'll be a student that other students are fretting about, thinking, "Oh my gosh, I can never be as amazing as Amber!"