Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I don't know how much of a lasting change this will be, but I am feeling so much better about everything! It may well be that my workload is dropping off because of Thanksgiving break, or it may be that some really good progress has been made in some of my classes. OR, it could be that Alison Piepmeier likes me! My Western Civ professor likes me too! He even gave me a 100 on my research paper! Or it could be that everything seems to be under control! Probably all of these things are contributing to my relief from this semester's drudgery. Next semester is going to be so awesome, too! Even if I do have to take the second half of Western Civ, I am taking classes that seem genuinely interesting to me. No more brain stuff (tectopulvinar pathway) or ancient philosophy (damn you, stellar parallax)! I just have to make it through exams, and then I am on to better and more brilliant fields. No, not the Elysian fields. I now have my own stack of books to get through that sound fabulously fascinating and will teach me so much about feminist disability studies. And I get to learn under the expert tutelage of Alison! Well, hopefully at least. I won't know for sure about the SURF grant until the end of March, but I will be sure to post about it. The research book stack is something that I see lots of my brilliant friends making use of, and I have always been quite the jealous little bee. I just haven't had a class yet that requires me to even use my brain and my skills together to craft a paper about feminist issues that requires a book stack. But now I do!

Although I am posting this now, I do realize that I will probably be eating my words once finals roll around and I am totally and completely bonkers. Oh well. It will all be over soon.

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